Could not recommend enough! We had a 1 year old who refused to nap during the day and woke up multiple times in the night to now taking 2 x naps daily and sleeping through the night! We feel like new parents!We chose Sabrina for her gentle sleep training methods and she did not disappoint, her advice and follow up was next to none. Our sleep plan was to put our daughter to bed at 6.30pm and Sabrina followed up at 6.40pm every night to check in to see how we went! That’s service. We are so glad we chose Sleep and Thrive.
Happy Mum
Sleep and Thrive were amazing to work with, I got a personalised sleep plan for my little boy tailored specifically to our needs and what we were looking to achieve. We not have a routine in place, a new settling technique and a happier mum and bub!
Happy Mum
Cannot thank Sabrina enough!! I had a one year old that was going to bed at 10pm at the earliest, and ended in my bed by 12pm, being fed constantly from them on.. he was also only having one short 30min day sleep (if any) and was being fed to sleep every time! I was absolutely exhausted and had no idea what to do next and I am so lucky Sabrina offered her help to me!! My son now sleeps 2.5 hours all up of a day and goes down at 7pm by himself and sleeps all night, sometimes wakes once! I feel like a new woman! My days are running so much smoother and I can be a much better mummy for my family now I am getting adequate sleep! Thank you so much Sabrina, you are amazing 🥰
Week-rested Mum
Sabrina you have been amazing with so many helpful handy tips on getting my sweet little man to sleep better and settle easier. I was at the end of my tether, working 4 days a week and two older children, plus a business, husband and house to run. I was sleep deprived and unsure of how to help my little one he was persistent on breastfeeding every 2 hours, day and night and not happy to nap at all but now he’s a new baby happy thriving and SLEEPING in his own cot at seven month old. You my dear friend swooped in and nurtured us back to a normal we can cope with. Thank you a million times over.
Happy Mum
I first noticed Sabrina commenting on a Facebook page I followed and I really liked her gentle approach and the fact that she was happy to work with whatever method the parents were comfortable with! From my first communication with her she was so lovely, friendly and helpful. Nothing I asked was a bother and she was always contactable whenever I needed help! Our little Miss was waking several times a night and taking over an hour each time to settle which was beyond exhausting! We have come a long way in the last 2 weeks and now even though she may wake it usually only takes a second to get her resettled. I know that I have methods I can use or tweaks to her schedule that I can make so that I can get her back on track when she hasn’t had enough sleep and gets restless! Thanks Sabrina for all your help and for your patience! x
Happy Mum
Sabrina has been great with my daughter. Her techniques and gentle approach have been fantastic and have worked wonders. Although my daughter does have a late bedtime we’re still getting 10 hours + every night. Day naps have been great too, my little one would only nap on me and now she has solid naps in her cot. Without Sabrina I would still be sleep deprived and going out of my mind. I can’t thank Sabrina enough, Everything you have done for me has been great and thank you so much for your support and encouragement.
Well-rested Mum