Preschool Support


Preschoolers have lots going on, big changes can happen around this age and sleep can be affected. Let Sleep and Thrive help you get back on track.



BIG changes happen at this age, your little one might be starting school or kindy. Life can definitely impact sleep, especially when days are big from activities.

But, never fear; Sleep and Thrive can help. Sleep and Thrive can assist with all things preschooler sleep including;

– dropping naps
– sleep associations
– routines which are flexible and not rigid
– feeding to help sleep
– sleep regressions and developmental leaps
– self settling techniques
– resettling  to sleep
– wakeful periods overnight
– battling bedtime
– early rising
– creating the perfect sleep environment
and much more.

This package will include a consultation, personal plan (this includes settling, awake times, troubleshooting when things don’t go to plan and much much more), plus 2 weeks follow up support so you aren’t alone in this journey.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch or book a consult.


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