Sleep Associations

When your baby is born they rely on 5 things to be able to sleep. These are; Swaddles, positioning on side or stomach, shushing, swinging, sucking.

This is often where sleep associations begin- but please, don’t avoid meeting these needs for your newborn; they need you!

Sleep associations such as dummy’s, comforters, milk, rocking, swinging etc are all completely normal and fine, unless you are having to get up hourly give or take overnight to repeat the process or replace the dummy. If this is occurring it would be deemed a negative sleep association. So what do we do? We remove it or improve how it happens!

What is a positive sleep association then?
A positive sleep association is something we aren’t having to replace every sleep cycle. Examples of this include white noise, comforters, blankeys, dark room. These can all stay the same from when your baby goes to sleep to the moment they wake up & will be a HUGE help in your baby being able to fall back to sleep between sleep cycles.

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