Routines give rhythm to your and your baby’s day as well as help prevent baby from being over or under tired.

Baby’s and toddlers thrive off routine as they have structure to their day and know what to expect next.
A bedtime routine is a great tool to have if you do not have any other form of routine.


BUT- many parents believe a routine means they cant leave the house. This is far from the truth.

Here’s how you can have your cake 🍰 and eat it too.

As you probably know, little people need 10-12 hours sleep overnight. My little man needs atleast 11 to be happy the next day. He is usually in bed between 6-7pm. Unless his day naps are 💩.

If we want to go out either during the day or for dinner, here’s what I do. It’s super easy and one night or lunch out won’t cause complete chaos!!

1️⃣ Give your little one an extra nap (this works best if they are on 1 or 2 naps). This is best done in the afternoon so bedtime can be a bit later.

2️⃣ If going out for lunch or during the day, have bedtime earlier. There’s no problem with bed being at 5:30pm.

3️⃣ Change your little ones routine just for one day. Perhaps instead of a long morning nap, they can have a short catnap then longer nap when you’re home. Perhaps you could leave earlier so they can have a good nap in the car on the way.

4️⃣ If having a late night give your toddler a nap the next day if they don’t normally, or give your bubba an extra nap or let them sleep a little longer.

5️⃣ Go with the flow. Have a night out, then go back to routine the next day. You are allowed to live your life. Let the flexible. One day or night out here and there won’t hurt- enjoy life & make those precious memories!!

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