Almost every baby will catnap at some point in their lives. What is a catnap you ask, a catnap is a sleep that lasts only 30-45 minutes in duration. Baby wakes up like they’ve had hours of sleep, then after not so long is whinging, tired and wanting another nap. This can result in several naps per day!!


Catnapping often begins around the 8-16 week of age mark and this is due to development in baby’s brain and now having developed sleep cycles. Your baby now sleeps in cycles of light and deep sleep like you! However, their sleep cycles are much shorter than ours, yep, you guessed it 30-45 minutes short. So, we need to help support baby to be able to fall back to sleep after this 30-45 minute mark and link those sleep cycles together.


So, how can you prevent catnapping?

RESETTLE, RESETTLE, RESETTLE! We want to teach your baby to go back to sleep so spend some time resettling them so they can learn that it is possible. Having longer naps allows you to follow a routine more consistently and allow baby to have more consolidated and restful naps.



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