Sleep and Thrive 


How can we help your baby sleep?


Does your baby wake from every nap after 30-45 minutes? Let us help you get longer naps!


Does your baby rely on milk, dummy’s, rocking to be able to fall asleep? Then wake every sleep cycle needing these again?


Routines can help solve overnight waking, catnapping, early rising and sooo much more. Let us help you implement a routine to help your baby get some sleep.

Sleep and Thrive’s techniques are science based and adopt a holistic approach to sleep, plus how babies respond to needs, their growth and development and adjustment to the world around them during everyday life. 

Sleep and Thrive do NOT use or promote cry-it-out methods as it is important for your baby to feel supported along this journey for life. We also believe that nobody can know your baby better than you so will respect this and gain an understanding of your child and their preferences, needs and responses. We aim to help you understand your baby’s sleep needs, how to respond and how to manage daily life whilst also getting those much needed ZZZZ’s.